Our Qualifications

When Choosing a Home Inspector, Do Your Homework

      * Waypoint Inspectors are Licensed by the State of Florida

        * Waypoint Inspectors are Full Time Inspectors

        * Waypoint Inspectors are Certified and Insured

        * Waypoint Inspectors are Members of National Trade   Associations

        * Waypoint Inspectors have passed the National Home Inspector Examination

Instead of just shopping around for prices
, home buyers should really be asking at least four other questions before they even approach the price. But first think about this: home buyers are spending a lot of money buying expensive Florida real estate. Is a home inspection really something that they would want the cheapest price on? Will they get what they pay for?

The best value is an inspection that is reasonably priced, AND completed by a qualified home inspector. 

Now for the important questions to ask home inspectors:
  1. "Are you licensed by the State of Florida to perform home inspections?"  As of July 1, 2010, the State of Florida began issuing licenses to home inspectors who meet certain criteria if they have been in business for 3 years.  Evidence of taking a proctored exam is now required to receive a license.  All Waypoint Inspectors have taken and passed the National Home Inspectors Examination in order to work for our company. 
  2. "Are you full time, highly educated and professional home inspectors?" You will find quite a few inspectors who only do a couple of inspections a month to pay for their Cable, Gas & Electric bills. They have other businesses or are ‘jacks of all tradesmen.’ Waypoint has thorough training (over 250 classroom hours,) and is committed to providing the most current inspection techniques through continuing education classes. Waypoint works full time, doing only property inspections. Our inspectors have completed over 2000 residential home and specialty inspections.
  3. "Are you insured?"  In this industry, professional home inspectors should carry enough insurance to protect their clients and themselves. This insurance is very expensive and usually not affordable for the part-time home inspector. Waypoint carries full insurance to protect our clients and realtors who work with us.
  4. "Are you members of any national trade associations? What are your credentials?"  Membership in trade associations is expensive but worth it, and these associations require home inspectors to obtain annual continuing education requirements, also expensive. Waypoint firmly believes in trade associations and belongs, as certified home inspectors, to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI.) We are also certified disaster inspectors with PaRR Inspections. We believe another valuable membership is with the local Chamber of Commerce. Waypoint inspectors are active in the Greater Riverview and Boynton Beach Chambers of Commerce.
  5. "Have you passed the National Home Inspector Examination?"   This test is difficult and requires experience, knowledge and a commitment to ongoing education. It is the standard that most states with licensing and regulation require home inspectors to take and pass to be able to conduct inspections. (Florida currently does not license or regulate home inspectors; regulation for 2010 is pending.) Waypoint knows that to be successful we need to remain current and educated; we have successfully passed the NHIE and are extremely proud of this accomplishment.
There are many ‘home inspectors’ offering cut-rate deals and specials. They probably are not the home inspector you want because they are either not full-time home inspectors or committed to being the best in the industry, they don't work to expected industry standards, and they probably aren’t carrying insurance for the work that they do.

By asking the four questions above, home buyers can have peace of mind knowing that the Waypoint inspector inspecting their most expensive possession is a certified professional home inspector who is committed to providing them the most comprehensive inspection with the best service.


We are full time Home Inspectors and that is all we do......and we will provide you with the finest home inspection available in the industry for a price that you will think is fair.